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The Bartending Masterclass

The Bartending Masterclass

The Bartending Masterclass

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Become a Bar School Certified Bartender Today!

The Bartending Masterclass is the perfect way to get started in your career as a bartender. This online course consists of easy to follow video modules that will teach you all the basics you need if you want to become a bartender. It will walk you through the bar itself, showing you all of tools and equipment you will be working with. From there, it introduces you to the spirits, techniques, and all of the recipes you will need to know. The course is filled with tips and tricks that will help you not only be better at the job, but make more money at the job as well.


Upon completion of the course, all students will receive a certificate of completion, proving you are a Bar School Certified Bartender.

If you are looking to take the next step in learning how to bartend, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

This course comes with an additional handbook pdf, and cocktail recipe pdf


Disclaimer: Our course provides a certificate of completion, showing that the student has completed a training course to learn skills necessary to perform the job of bartending. This course is in no way acting as a state approved license or permit. This course is intended for training purposes only. It is up to the student/applicant to check with local authorities governing the sale of alcohol in the state which they live to ensure they obtain proper permitting and licensure to be in compliance with state laws.

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