Pickle Martini

Here is a look at a Pickle Martini that has been quite the hit this summer

Watch The Video Here


•Start by slicing up your favorite brand of Half Sour Pickles. We used @grillospickles for ours

•Toss the pickles into a container and add 1 cup of the pickle juice

•Add in 1 bottle of your favorite cucumber vodka. Here we chose the Cucumber @westernsonvodka because it’s light in flavor but infuses really well

•Let the infusion sit in the fridge for about 48 hours and your ready to go

•Fill a glass with ice, add your newly infused vodka, shake, and serve!

•Garnish with a snack sized pickle, or a ribbon of a Half Sour Pickle.

And for those of you wondering…

The answer is NO…

The infused pickles do not taste good 🫤

When infusing, the vodka pulls most of the flavor from the fruit or vegetable leaving you with a very bitter tasting vodka filled snack.

Believe me…

I tried one and was not happy.

Stick to the script and you will thank me later