What Is A Bartender?

A bartender is the person who prepares and delivers alcoholic beverages to patrons. 

The bartender, also referred to as the mixologist, is the trained employee in a bar or restaurant that mixes specialty cocktails for the guests. They specialize in mixing alcohol based spirits with non alcoholic mixers and other ingredients. The result is a balanced beverage which creates an experience inside of the glass. 

Bartenders are responsible not only for mixing drinks, but responsible for the safety and well being of the customers they serve. It is important for a bartender to have some level of alcohol awareness training to enhance their skill set of safely serving patrons, and knowing when not to serve. Training comes typically from a company known as either T.I.P.S or Servsafe, and is a requirement to work at most bars.

There are many venues that one can work a career as a bartender. Some may work at hotels, resorts, cruise ships, golf courses, lounges, or nightclubs. Others may decide to work in a local restaurant or a neighborhood bar. Some may decide to work for larger corporate chains with multiple locations around the country. Whatever the location, the job has similarities as far as the day to day functions. And like almost any job, there is always room for improvement and education to further develop the skill set.

Bartending can provide both a lucrative and rewarding career for someone who deals well with people, and thrives in a fast paced environment. If you are interested in becoming a bartender, you’ve come to the right place. Our online Bartending Masterclass is the perfect way to learn the skills you need to go out and get your first bartending job.

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