Do I Need A License To Bartend?

A common misconception is that you need an actual license to serve drinks.


While many people think that in order to bartend you need to hold some sort of license, it is not always the case. The first step in becoming a bartender is to get your training certificate. Here at The Bar School, our Bartending Masterclass will not only train you how to be a bartender, but after completion you will be a Bar School Certified Bartender.

Once you have your training, the next step is to get an additional alcohol server training from a program like Servsafe or T.I.P.S, which go through the specific serving laws for that area. These trainings will either be voluntary, or required depending on the state you live in. Either way, we encourage all students to obtain a T.I.P.S training certificate before applying for jobs. Most employers will require it of their employees, and the training is extremely valuable as it takes a deeper dive into specifics on the state laws.



Once you have both your training certificate, and your T.I.P.S certificate, you are ready to go out there and get your feet wet behind the bar!