What Are The Pros Of Being A Bartender?

Becoming a bartender is something that everyone at some point considers doing. For those of you who are serious about it, here is a list of benefits of the job:

  • You can make great money for the hours worked
  • Schedule is typically nights and weekends
  • Room for growth to managerial positions
  • You get to meet new people every day. Great for networking
  • Allows you to build multiple skill sets. 

If you think that bartending might be a good fit for your personality, then you should dive in head first! Bartending is great for someone who loves to talk to people, relax during the day, and have high energy at night. It’s also a great fit if you like be rewarded for harder work. As a bartender, your income is based solely on your output. So if you can hustle, and let your personality shine, then you are in the right place.

If you are looking to stay in the hospitality industry, there is some serious room for growth. Many bars and restaurants will have managerial positions you could move into if you prove yourself. There is also the ability for you to go into business of your own. If you love bartending, why not make a place to call your own, and run it how you want? Definitely is not out of the question. 

Even if you decide to work a job as a bartender for a period of time, the work will not go unrewarded. The skills you learn as a bartender can be applied to every single job on the planet, and in every aspect of your life. You get the best experience of working with people, and understanding human behavior than you would at almost any other job. Along with that you will learn skills in management, and accounting that you wouldn't get elsewhere. To be honest, working as a bartender or server is something that everyone should get experience with at an early age. So even if your career as a bartender is going to be short lived, it’s something you will appreciate for decades to come.