What Are The Cons Of Being A Bartender?

Let’s just start by saying these “cons” are more like sacrifices that come with the territory. 

  • Weekend work schedule means you won’t have a “normal” social life
  • Nighttime hours mean you won’t have a “normal” sleep schedule
  • Low base pay means if your bar isn’t busy, your not making money
  • No such thing as vacation days and sick time, meaning if your not there, your not getting paid
  • Your on your feet the entire time you work

You get what you sign up for with bartending. The benefits are huge, but there are definitely some things you have to consider if you're looking into working in this industry. It’s not going to be your typical 9-5 job where you earn vacation time and sick time, and can call out when you want. As a bartender, if you don’t feel good, you still gotta work. And if your really sick and can’t come in, don’t expect to make any money. Someone else is going to pick up the shift and make that cash, and you get nothing.

You also have to accept the fact that the hours are going to come with a change in lifestyle. The days of going out on a Friday night with your friends, and going out to dinner on a Saturday night with a loved one are over. If it’s a night that people go out to have fun, or a night to celebrate, you’re going to be working. For some, that might sound terrible, and maybe bartending just isn’t for them.

For those who understand the trade offs, and know that these “cons” are sacrifices you have to make in order to work a job you love, you will thrive as a bartender. For those of you who want no part in it, who enjoy their weekends out on the town, and want to work that 9-5, then you should stop right here and start searching for another career.

We won’t sugar coat it. Bartending isn’t for everyone. But for those of you who decide to make the step and start your career, we can’t wait to see you get started!

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